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Committed to Quality and Innovation
Founded in 1969 by Ennio Levi, NILIT is committed to creating innovative, customized nylon (polyamide) 6.6 solutions. With expertise in polymerization, as well as spinning and texturing, NILIT offers a comprehensive range of quality products and services for apparel applications, polyamide injection molding and extrusion grades. Operating in more than 70 countries, our motto is "no customer is too small, too big or too far away."

NILIT’s key competitive advantage is its people. We work closely with our customers to provide the right solutions and bring real value. Fully integrated, our company has the technology and development capabilities to customize solutions and introduce original products. In turn, our products and solutions help our customers meet the demands of their increasingly competitive markets.


Our Community & Environment
From NILIT's earliest days, Ennio Levi led the industry in ensuring a safe work environment. Over the years, NILIT has stayed true to its founder's principles, and it continues to emphasize occupational and environmental safety. NILIT is an active and responsible member of the community. Inside our plants, occupational safety and hygiene are never compromised. In the surrounding communities, NILIT treats the environment seriously and promotes a variety of social programs. Additionally, we support several sustainability initiatives, including the development of a patented recycled yarn.


Since it was founded by Ennio Levi, NILIT has been guided by a well-articulated set of values: they are the foundation of our company, differentiate us and underlie our success. For more than three decades, these values have shaped our corporate culture, our business strategies and our vision for the future.

Honesty, trust and credibility must be the basis of all relationships with our employees, our customers and our suppliers.

At NILIT, we believe that quality pays for itself. Therefore, we constantly strive for excellence in both product and service quality. All NILIT manufacturing facilities are certified compliant with the most stringent, relevant ISO standards.

We believe in diversity, the power of global teamwork and that by working as one we can deliver exceptional outcomes. Do great things together and leverage our collective talents.
Global collaboration as a key success factor for the implementation of our strategy.

We believe that achieving our goals depends on the individual performance of each and every employee. As a result, NILIT has built a corporate culture that inspires excellence in all endeavors and at every level, from line workers to senior engineers.

NILIT is fully committed to the continuous efforts to improve sustainability within our company, the communities where we operate, and the markets we serve. We will focus our talents on the cultivation of innovative operations, responsible product development, and collaborative relationships that will make the world safer and cleaner for us all and for the generations that will follow us.


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