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Bacterial / Viral Protection

Today more than ever, antibacterial protection with proven antiviral properties is at the top of everyone’s priorities. This amazing technology is now available to you in a sustainable and viable long-lasting formula.

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    Soft, luxurious fabrics that are also lightweight and strong. An extra soft feel and a natural second-skin effect. Includes microfiber and multi-filament flat and textured yarns in a variety of lusters and dtex levels.

  • icon of Durable/Long LastingDurable/Long Lasting

    Rugged and tightly woven to stand up to the wear and tear of the elements and stay beautiful, even after years of enjoyment.

  • icon of PerformancePerformance

    Easy to clean and withstand the wear and tear of everyday life. This fabric provides fabrics extreme resistance, optimal support and flexibility to enhance performance and endurance.

  • icon of Well-beingWell-being

    Unique technologies embedded into the fiber provide many benefits, from performance-enhancing to body temperature, odor control, health protection, and feel-good properties.

  • icon of Odor ReductionOdor Reduction

    Odor-control technologies that meet your needs for antimicrobial efficacy, wash durability, processing conditions and cost effectiveness.

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