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The Art of Textile Innovation and Sustainability

NILIT®’s know-how is based on the strategic combination of rooted knowledge, indispensable industry experience, and a deep understanding of our customers’ needs, that together, empower NILIT® with the ability to respond to dynamic market changes for the development of innovative technologies. Like the visible brush stroke, NILIT® speaks of intent and confidence. We continuously strive for perfection, making sure every product we develop exceeds the needs of our customers and upholds our promise of leaving a beautiful and clean world for future generations. We want you to look and feel your best so that you reach your true potential.

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Raising the Bar with Quality Nylon 6.6

Our commitment to sustainability starts with advancing our standards for materials, packaging, sourcing, and social responsibility. This long-term sustainability strategy is built upon an enduring foundation that encompasses our operations, our products, and the communities surrounding our facilities.

Total Product Sustainability


Ultimate Precision Fiber Brand

SENSIL® Nylon 6.6 is the very first step in delivering performance, sustainability, intelligence, and quality to the world’s apparel, dedicated to answering the demand of today’s conscious consumer, who values quality over quantity, and products that are good for them and also good for the planet. The only fabric created for superior performance, with inherent odor control, temperature and moisture management, durability, tactility and comfort all the while looking and feeling absolutely great!


Innovation and R&D

In recent years, we have fundamentally altered our processes to better respond to a changing world. We are continuing this transformation strategy to be more innovative, focusing on products, materials and operations that have a lighter touch, better fiber strength, and advanced eco-friendly solutions – all to meet the expectations of our stakeholders.

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Nilit Worldwide

We hold a well-established international presence serving Europe, the Asia Pacific region and the Middle East to help meet the needs of our customers.


    • Founded in 1969
    • NILIT’s headquarters located in Migdal HaEmek, Israel
    • Specializes in processing nylon 6.6 from polymerization to extrusion and spinning (POY, LOY, FDY and textured yarns, polyamide 6.6 resins, polyamide injection molding grades)
    • Produces the NILIT branded range of fibers and the polyamide 6.6 resins Polynil®
  • NILIT America – North Carolina, USA.

    • Acquired in 2009
    • Located in Martinsville, VA, USA
    • Produces POY, FOY, and LOY-DT nylon 6.6 yarns
  • NILIT (Suzhou) Nylon Technologies, Co., Ltd. NILIT (Suzhou) Engineering Plastic Technologies, Co., Ltd.

    • Founded in 2007
    • Located in Suzhou, China
    • Produces nylon 6.6 textured yarns
    • Produces POY, Textured nylon 6.6 yarns
  • NILIT Americana – Brazil

    • Acquired in: 2014
    • Located in Sao Paulo, Brazil
    • Total Area: 150,500 M2
    • Specializes in: POY ,Texturing ,Air Jet Texturing, Covering
    • Produces Textured, Air Jet Textured, Covered nylon 6.6 yarns

The History: Over 5 Decades of Passion for Performance

The History: Over 5 Decades of Passion for Performance

  • Founded in 1969 by Ennio Levi, NILIT® began as one man's dream and then became a successful reality. We invite you to scroll through images of some key milestones in the history of NILIT®.

  • 1969

    Mr. Ennio Levi founded NILIT® Ltd. Minister of Industry and Commerce, Ze'ev Sharf, signs a land grant for the establishment of NILIT® Ltd.'s manufacturing site in the development town of Migdal Haemek

  • 1971

    At NILIT® site before construction – Ennio and Sons, Maurizio and Michael (far right), Mr. Alderoti - Mayor of Migdal Haemek, Project Manager and Member of Government.

  • 1972

    Construction of NILIT® facility.

  • 1974

    Production began in Migdal Haemek facility

  • 1978

    Polymerization began

  • 1981

    Salification process began

  • 1988

    NILIT®'s 5 denier nylon yarn certified as the World's finest

  • 1995

    Euronil Thermosplastic Compounds S.p.A. founded in Rho. Milan, Italy

  • 1996

    Euronil (Italy) starts manufacturing

  • 1997

    Joint venture established with Sara Lee Hosiery (USA)

  • 2001

    Joint venture established with UNIFI, Inc.

  • 2004

    Joint venture established with Pompea S.p.A (Italy)

  • 2006

    NILIT® Germany founded through the acquisition of INVISTA Apparel Europe

  • 2007

    Acquisition of Frisetta (Germany) NILIT® China founded

  • 2008

    NILIT® starts up texturing operations in Suzhou. Jiangsu, China

  • 2009

    NILIT® America founded through the acquisition of Nylstar, Inc. Martinsville, Virginia NILIT® opens compounding plant in Suzhou.

  • 2012

    Launch of spinning plant in China

  • 2013

    Inauguration of NILIT® POY and Compounding Plants in Suzhou, China Acquisition of DTY and Covering Plant of Scalina Sao Paulo, Brazil

  • 2014

    NILIT® Brazil Americana founded through the acquisition of Invista Americana NILIT® celebrates its 40th anniversary

  • 2017

    Sales NILIT® Plastics to Celanese SENSIL® Consumer Branding

  • 2020

    Nilit®’s conversion from fuel oil to natural gas at Migdal HaEmek site, reducing CO2 emissions by 40%

  • 2021

    Launch of Making Nylon Sustainable Report


Our leadership team is dedicated to excellence in everything from innovative product development to customer experience, accountability, and fostering a spirit of daring and innovation.

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