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See Sensil® Premium Performance Nylon 6.6 from NILIT at ISPO Munich February 3-6, HALL B4, Brandnew Village, Booth 430.BN03

Migdal Haemek, Israel—January 24, 2019 – Pushing the limits. Defining new horizons. Reimagining performance. These are the ideals that power Sensil®, the premium Nylon 6.6 brand from NILIT. With beautiful capsule collections and Textrends 20/21 award-winning fabrics that bring these concepts to life, NILIT will once again sponsor and be on display in the “ISPO Brandnew” area and will offer a full schedule of events to engage and excite designers, brands, and retailers.

NILIT created Sensil® in response to the rapidly expanding influence of Millennials and Gen Zers who are forever redefining the face of the marketplace These consumers have a long and growing list of demands for their apparel. High-quality, multi-tasking, and long-lasting rank at the top along with comfort, function, and style. Sensil® premium performance and fashion fabrics provide the foundation of smarter designs that capture these highly valuable benefits and distinguish outstanding apparel products at retail.

“Sensil® truly has been a breakthrough brand,” says Sagee Aran, NILIT’s head of marketing. “When we launched it in 2017, Sensil® represented an entirely new way to think about apparel fabrics, and our customers embraced the challenge. Rather than focusing on just low price, the bar has been raised to a much higher level. Now designers must consider aesthetics, quality, performance, and value to develop the products that will appeal to today’s demanding and knowledgeable consumers.”

Innovative performance fabrics
NILIT will proudly display in the booth the award-winning ISPO Textrends 20/21 Sensil® fabrics made by these renowned companies:

  • RVB created four fabrics that were picked as Top 10s or Selections in the Second Layer category. RVB’s fabrics featured Sensil® Breeze and Innergy.
  • Billion Rise designed a Top 10 Base Layer fabric winner with Sensil® Breeze.
  • Payen earned four Selection awards for their Second Layer fabrics built on the performance benefits of Sensil® Breeze, Aquarius, Innergy, and BodyFresh.
  • Texollini won three Second Layer Selections for their Sensil® fabrics made of BodyFresh, Arafelle, and Black Diamond yarns.
  • Schoeller’s Sensil® Heat fabric attained Selection status in the Outer Layer category.

Meet the Negev Adventure Finalists
Come hear the amazing story of the Donna Moderna Negev Desert Adventure sponsored by NILIT! Hundreds of women participated in training programs throughout Italy that culminated in five finalists selected to participate in a three-day, 80K run through Israel’s beautiful but extreme Negev Desert wearing special performance apparel made by BV Sport of Sensil® Innergy fabric. The finalists share their stories on the ISPO Stage (Feb. 5, 4:00-4:30 PM) and describe the factors–including their apparel– that helped them break through personal boundaries and mind-sets to achieve their goals. The conversation will continue at a reception with the athletes at 4:45 PM at NILIT’s booth in the Brandnew Village, HALL B4, 430.BN03.

Influencing Tomorrow’s Designers
The best apparel starts with the most intelligent fibers. NILIT will sponsor the ISPO Academy Masterclass, a global design project developed by international textile design consultant Nora Kühner to help talented young designers interested in the sports market understand the importance of selecting the ideal fibers and fabrics. Through a series of lectures, project work, and presentations, the ISPO Academy Masterclass event encourages these designers to break with the norm, apply critical thinking skills, and embrace novel approaches to merge fashion and function to transform performance apparel. Stay tuned for more information on this important initiative.

Trending to Innovation
The six critical fashion, fabric, and lifestyle trends that will shape the Autumn/Winter 2020/2021 market will be debuted in the latest NILIT Trend Book. The concepts and the newest commercial garments and fabrics to inspire and excite fabric producers and apparel brands and retailers will be on display in the NILIT booth.

For appointments at the NILIT ISPO booth, please contact Christiane Rauch at christiane.rauch@t-online.de, Federica Albiero at Albiero@icloud.com, or Amy Holzer at AmyH@nilit.com.


NILIT® is a global producer and marketer of high quality type 6.6 nylon fibers for apparel fabrics and other products. The company was founded over 40 years ago in Israel and has grown to be the largest Nylon 6.6 producer in the world with manufacturing and marketing operations in key regions including Europe, USA, Turkey, Latin America, Asia Pacific, and China.

About Sensil®
Sensil® is NILIT’s premium Nylon 6.6 brand for apparel. Crafted by masters of precision, it is the new standard of quality for intimate apparel, legwear, activewear, denim, outdoor wear, and other products. Sensil® is a registered/pending trademark of NILIT.

® Sensil is a registered/pending trademark of NILIT.

Nilit® Marketing contacts
Israel: Amy Holzer AmyH@nilit.com
USA: Kirsten Harris KirstenH@Nilit.com
China: Martin Yang MartinY@nilit.com
N. Europe: Christiane Rauch christiane.rauch@t-online.de
S. Europe: Federica Albiero Albiero@icloud.com
Latin America: Fabianne Pacini fabiannep@nilit.com



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We are grateful that our partners believe in NILIT’s mission and approach and continue to engage with us around the world.