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NILIT Scores for Sustainability with Award Winning Partnerships

Experience Game Changing SENSIL® Premium Nylon 6.6 at ISPO Munich Stand A1.444

November 14, 2023. Advancing apparel sustainability requires partnerships and collaborations that redefine the traditional structure of the global supply chain.

Companies across the spectrum from fiber to finished product and through to the end user must work together to create apparel that delivers on consumer demands for performance, longevity, comfort, and style while being better for the planet throughout and after useful life.

“Partnership is integral to creating the sustainable apparel that significantly reduces our industry’s burden on the environment,” says Michelle Lea, NILIT’s VP global marketing for the SENSIL® portfolio of sustainable premium Nylon 6.6 performance products. “Over the past two years, we have introduced multiple new SENSIL® technologies to target apparel’s sustainability concerns. Our award-winning collaborations with mills, brands, and retailers are bringing these innovations to life and presenting them to a very receptive performance apparel market.”

Through collaboration with mill partners, NILIT is proud to have been selected for three ISPO Textrends Awards for Fall/Winter 25/26:

  • Second Layer Top 10 with Pontetorto‘s 9154/M/Bio fabric created with biodegradable SENSIL® BioCare
  • Street Sports Selection with Cifra’s B90MF fabric designed with SENSIL® ByNature, the industry first premium Nylon 6.6 that replaces fossil feedstocks with reclaimed biogas made from recyclyed organic waste
  • Base Layer Selection with Eusebio’s Kimmy Bio fabric with biodegradable SENSIL® BioCare

At ISPO Munich in Stand A1.444, NILIT will also showcase the partnership with Jack Wolfskin that resulted in the new Pioneers Collection featuring SENSIL® ByNature. Known for designs that optimize style, function, and sustainability, Jack Wolfskin’s Pioneers Collection seamlessly combines the latest sustainable SENSIL® Nylon 6.6 technology with minimalist design to create a responsible and transparently made range of exceptional apparel built for urban and outdoor pursuits.

Please join NILIT and partners for a panel discussion on reducing dependency on fossil resources in apparel through the biomass balance approach. The panel will be held on November 29 at 11:00 at the Sustainability Hub stage.

To set up a meeting at ISPO Munich, please contact Megan@NILIT.com.

SENSIL® is the industry’s largest portfolio of sustainable premium Nylon 6.6 products for textiles and apparel. In addition to manufacturing process and product innovations, NILIT promotes sustainability throughout the global supply chain. Learn more about NILIT’s sustainability initiatives and SENSIL® premium Nylon 6.6 products at www.NILIT.com/sustainability and www.SENSIL.com/products.

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We are grateful that our partners believe in NILIT’s mission and approach and continue to engage with us around the world.