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SENSIL® BioCare Featured on International Ecohub for Responsible Apparel Innovation

Migdal Haemek, Israel—November 24, 2021. NILIT, the global leader in high-quality Nylon 6.6 for apparel and owner of the SENSIL® sustainable brand, has joined the C.L.A.S.S. MATERIAL HUB, a carefully curated directory of smart ingredients made by some of the most cutting-edge innovators across the globe. The wide range of resources on this prestigious list comprises only transparent and traceable products, which can be natural/organic, up or re-cycled/able, or representing a new generation of innovation that is minimizing impact on people, environment, animals, and oceans. SENSIL® BioCare, specially engineered to decompose quickly in the anaerobic conditions in saltwater and landfills, will be included based on the new performance fiber’s positive effect on the persistence of textile waste, especially in oceans.

“Joining the C.L.A.S.S. MATERIAL HUB helps advance NILIT’s vision for making Nylon sustainable,” says Sagee Aran, Head of Global Marketing at NILIT. “Through this respected global network, we can rapidly connect with many environmentally responsible apparel companies. We can collaborate with them to incorporate SENSIL® BioCare and NILIT’s other sustainable SENSIL® Nylon products to create apparel that is consciously designed with respect for the planet, from the fiber through to the garment.”

“SENSIL® BioCare by NILIT, will enrich C.L.A.S.S. MATERIAL HUB with an innovative, conscious, premium performance material. SENSIL® BioCare will appeal to a market that is more and more demanding about responsible innovation as the new normal for a new generation of values-oriented businesses,” says C.L.A.S.S. CEO and founder, Giusy Bettoni.

SENSIL® BioCare sustainable premium Nylon represents a key step ahead in responsible Nylon innovation, providing a conscious solution for delivering premium performance and other benefits. Enhanced with a special technology proven in independent testing to help lessen the persistence of textile waste in seawater and in landfills, SENSIL® BioCare offers exceptional durability, softness, and strength and can be implemented in a broad range of applications such as intimate apparel, socks, fashion, activewear, legwear, sportswear, and outdoor apparel.

Visit www.nilit.com/sustainability/#sustainability-policy to learn more about NILIT’s sustainability vision. Find information about NILIT’s latest sustainable premium Nylon innovation at https://ddei5-0-ctp.trendmicro.com:443/wis/clicktime/v1/query?url=www.sensil.com%2fproducts%2fsensil%2dbiocare&umid=BC48C964-D189-5705-9D7E-8B2516D289BE&auth=fe6e20b68b233b2f841032cb8abd4e4f35649a39-310a483b8987a53e5d80b769b5206322347e6e3b. Access the C.L.A.S.S. MATERIAL HUB AT https://ddei5-0-ctp.trendmicro.com:443/wis/clicktime/v1/query?url=www.classecohub.org&umid=BC48C964-D189-5705-9D7E-8B2516D289BE&auth=fe6e20b68b233b2f841032cb8abd4e4f35649a39-311f1e279257dd37d8a187fb99755371889e313d


NILIT contact: Amy Holzer at AmyH@NILIT.com.

C.L.A.S.S. contact: press@classecohub.org.

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Sensil® is NILIT’s sustainable premium Nylon 6.6 brand for apparel. Crafted by masters of precision, it is the new standard of quality and sustainability for intimate apparel, legwear, activewear, denim, outdoor wear, and other products. Sensil® is a registered trademark of NILIT. https://ddei5-0-ctp.trendmicro.com:443/wis/clicktime/v1/query?url=www.SENSIL.com&umid=BC48C964-D189-5705-9D7E-8B2516D289BE&auth=fe6e20b68b233b2f841032cb8abd4e4f35649a39-3a8a655e0bdeebb2ebf041f9347ead32a9a0ac6f

NILIT® is a leading global producer of premium, sustainable Nylon 6.6 fashion and performance fibers. The company, founded in Israel in 1974, has four vertically integrated manufacturing facilities and global offices serving its customer base in EMEA, Asia, LATAM, and North America. www.NILIT.com


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