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NILIT Plastics has knowledge that goes deep into end-market application requirements. This gives it an enviable ability to design tailor-made products for improved application performance. The company’s flexible extrusion lines are adapted for any kind of filler and additive. And it can provide its partners with application development support in every step of their development project.

NILIT Plastics focuses on three markets in particular:

Electrical & Electronic
NILIT Plastics places a special emphasis on E&E applications, which make up 50% of its entire market. The company has developed numerous highly specialized grades for this very demanding sector. It can for example provide compounds complying with IEC60335 safety standard for appliances, as well as compounds rated at the maximum safety level according to international and national railway regulations such as the new EN45545. Its laboratories are fully equipped for material testing according to international E&E industry standards and specifications.

With more than 80 products certified to UL & VDE standards, NILIT Plastics offers a comprehensive range of flame retardant polyamide compounds based on:
  • halogens and red phosphorous free
  • melamine cyanurate
  • halogens
  • red phosphorus

Depending on their requirement, specifiers can choose products under the FRIANYL banner with diverse FR systems. NILIT Plastics can also complement performance with aesthetics. It offers its flame retardant compounds in more than 100 colors.

Applications include: connectors; circuit breakers; contactors and switch gear; components for train interiors; appliance connectors; solenoid valves components; electronic timers; rotary switches; terminal blocks.
Electrical consumer goods applications

Electrical industrial applications

Industrial & Consumer
NILIT Plastics provides grades that are widely used in many industrial and leisure activity applications that require performance, reliability, and the respect for high safety standards.

The large product portfolio comprises many specialty compounds designed for such areas as:
  • metal replacement
  • low wear and friction applications
  • hazardous and explosive environments requiring electrical conductivity or ESD properties
  • applications demanding a mix of good surface appearance, high impact resistance, excellent mechanical properties, resistance to high temperatures and chemicals, and food and water contact compliancy.

Applications range from valve components, bearing cages and cable carriers, to snowboard and ski bindings, cycling helmets, musical accessories, toys, and many more. NILIT Plastics products can also be found in a wide array of household applications, from window frames and handles to professional kitchen knives handles, from appliances and gardening tools to chair armrests.

With its strong emphasis on eco-friendly practices and processes, NILIT Plastics’ R&D focus for automotive applications includes many metal replacement projects that yield fuel savings for the consumers via reduced weight in the vehicle. For the processor, high-flow materials provide energy savings in the production process.

NILIT Plastics supplies NILAMID compounds with a wide range of characteristics, for example:
  • Varying types and levels of reinforcement and fillers
  • Resistant to high temperatures and hydrolysis for under-the-hood applications
  • Grades for components requiring high impact resistance
  • Grades for parts that demand excellent surface finish for aesthetic appeal.
  • Grades approved by major automotive OEMs and Tier

NILIT Plastics is also able to offer ECOMID grades made from recycled polyamide fibers and textiles to enhance auto companies’ “green” images.

Applications include: fuel filler caps; brake fluid housings; air intake manifolds; engine covers; chain tensioners; fasteners and clips ; fuse boxes; interior handles; lamp holders; air vents; pedal supports; gear lever housings.
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