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Bernardo Staiano
Chief Technologies and Innovation Officer (CTO)
Bernardo Staiano was appointed Chief Technologies and Innovation Officer (CTO) at Nilit in November 2018. Prior to this position, he was VP Global Technology and QA since August 2017. He joined Nilit in May 2013 as Chief of Technology Engineer.

Bernardo has 25 years of worldwide experience in varied roles, including in R&D, industrial, technology, and business units, and as VP Engineering.

He has extensive expertise in PA66, PA6 and PBT manmade fibers for textile applications.

Bernardo holds a bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from Federico II University in Naples, an MA in Chemistry of Macromolecules and Rheology for polymer melt processing from Salerno University, an MA in Management from the ISVOR Institute, and an MA in Marketing from Bocconi University, Milan.

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