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STEPS Select NILIT® Black Diamond

Special Nylon 6.6 Yarn Adds Dazzle and Depth to Invisible Socks

Migdal Haemek, Israel, November 2, 2016 — Steps Footsocks makes invisible socks to provide seamless, no-slip comfort underneath today’s footwear fashions. Although no one but the wearer sees them, Steps still pays particular attention to the aesthetics of their invisible socks so that they are as beautiful on the foot as they are under a shoe.

Steps Footsocks recently chose NILIT® Black Diamond nylon 6.6 yarns to provide shimmer and shine to a special line of invisible fashion socks. NILIT® Fibers designed NILIT® Black Diamond nylon yarns especially for high fashion legwear and intimate apparel products. Made with NILIT® black dope-dyed nylon 6.6 paired with a special, shiny yarn, the combination creates a dazzling yarn effect that is soft to the touch. NILIT® Black Diamond is dyeable and reversible offering innumerable options for product designers.

“NILIT® Black Diamond was a brilliant choice for Steps,” says Karin Hems, Steps Marketing Director. “Beautiful, soft, and durable, NILIT® Black Diamond nylon yarns give our designers endless ways to add glimmering elegance and glamourous 3-D effects to our new sparkling invisible socks.”

In addition to designing a full range of invisible socks, Steps is also committed to environmentally responsible operations. Their programs include the use of organic cotton and paper products from FSC certified sources. Steps’ production facilities use energy-efficient LED lighting, solar energy, and the latest in sustainable water treatment technology.

“Steps is a true innovator and we are very proud that our NILIT® Black Diamond yarns meet their exacting standards for performance and fashion,” says Pierluigi Berardi, NILIT® Global Marketing Director. “Our partnership with Steps has resulted in the development of many beautiful, responsibly manufactured invisible sock products that appeal to consumers all over the world.”

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