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NILIT® Highlights New ATS Technology at Performance Days

Munich, November 16-17, Hall 2 Booth 217

Migdal Haemek, Israel, October 27, 2016 — NILIT® Fibers will present innovative nylon 6.6 yarns resulting from application of their new ATS technology at the Performance Days Functional Fabric Fair at the MTC World of Fashion in Munich, November 16-17. The special NILIT® yarns will be on display in Hall 2 Booth 217.

NILIT’s ATS (short for Air Textured Soft) special air jet texturing technology infuses nylon 6.6 yarns with light, airy softness. NILIT® ATS fashion yarns are softer than cotton plus they dry faster and are more durable with longer-lasting suppleness.

In addition to fashion yarns, NILIT’s ATS technology has instilled extra softness and strength into many of NILIT’s well-known performance yarns as well. NILIT® Heat with natural thermal insulation and NILIT® Breeze with cooling plus UV protection are both softer and stronger than ever before.

“Our NILIT® ATS technology creates nylon yarns that are beautiful, touchable, and resilient,” says Pierluigi Berardi, NILIT’s Global Marketing Director. “With a full range of yarn counts, colors, effects, and performance enhancements, designers of legwear, intimates, activewear, and ready to wear apparel will find everything to inspire incredible products.”

In addition to the new NILIT® ATS nylon yarns, other specialty yarns will be on display at the NILIT® booth. NILIT® Innergy, the innovative polyamide 6.6 microfiber with built in FIR (far infrared radiation), offers super soft comfort while it gently reflects the wearer’s own body heat to energize from within and reduce the appearance of cellulite.

To make an appointment to review NILIT’s collection of remarkable specialty yarns at Performance Days, contact AmyH@Nilit.com.

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