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ExOfficio’s Sol Cool™ Performance Hoody Features NILIT® Breeze

Migdal Haemek, Israel, July 20, 2016 - NILIT® Breeze is the secret behind ExOfficio’s new Sol Cool™ Performance Hoody for men and women. ExOfficio designers selected the fabric made with ultra-fine NILIT® Breeze nylon fibers because they are constantly cool to the touch, breathable, and provide UPF 50 protection from ultraviolet rays. In addition, the Sol Cool™ fabric has a rich but understated matte aesthetic offering a welcome update to the shiny athletic look. Overall, NILIT® Breeze delivers the perfect combination of attributes that ExOfficio wanted for its performance hoody.

“Every piece we make is designed to give travelers confidence and freedom to explore the world,” says Julie Snow, VP of design and product development for ExOfficio. “We do that by combining the right technology, features, and aesthetics for specific pieces depending on how adventurer travelers will use them. NILIT® Breeze is an ideal fit for the Sol Cool™ Performance Hoody because it provides adventure travelers protection from sun and heat with a stylish, understated look that they desire. Most importantly, the hoody feels really good and is incredibly comfortable.”

NILIT® Breeze is a patented cooling comfort yarn that helps maintain a comfortable body temperature during physical activities and in warm weather. The proven cooling effect is due to three unique factors: the fiber’s flat cross section that quickly transfers body heat, the unique polymer with microns that form cooling channels and protect from UV radiation, and the special texturizing process that produces a low-bulk yarn for maximum breathability. The ultra-soft hand creates a pleasant, smooth sensation on the skin.

“The ExOfficio Sol Cool™ products are the perfect showcase for NILIT® Breeze’s performance attributes,” says Molly Kremidas, Marketing Manager at NILIT® Fibers. “The products are expertly and thoughtfully designed to provide travelers with style, comfort, and protection so they can focus on simply enjoying their experiences.” NILIT® will feature NILIT® Breeze and its entire range of innovative nylon performance products in Booth 255-217 at the upcoming Outdoor Retailer Summer Market (OR) in Salt Lake City, August 3-6. ExOfficio will debut the spring 2017 Sol Cool™ collection including a women’s Performance Long Sleeve Shirt and men’s Performance Crew also made with NILIT® Breeze at OR in Booth 12027.

To make an appointment with NILIT® at the Outdoor Retailer show, contact MollyK@nilit.com.

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About Nilit® Fibers
NILIT Fibers is a leading global producer of Nylon 6.6 fashion and performance fibers such as NILIT® Colorwise, NILIT® Breeze, NILIT® Innergy, and NILIT® Heat. The company was founded in Israel in 1974, and has four vertically integrated manufacturing facilities worldwide to service its customer base in Europe, North America, Turkey, Latin America and Asia. www.nilit.com/fibers

About ExOfficio®
ExOfficio believes that the magic of travel, whether you seek different cultures, epic scenery or the thrill of the unknown, is a chance to create perspective and vitality by opening your mind to the wonders of the world. Since 1987, ExOfficio has celebrated the traveler by crafting garments that allow one to experience the world unhindered. Intelligently designed products with tangible benefits—including the best-selling Give-N-Go® underwear collection and lightweight, wrinkle-free fabrics with bug, sun and water protection—are focused on one goal: comfortable performance. ExOfficio is sold internationally, online and in specialty outdoor and travel stores, including five of their own flagship stores in the U.S. For more information about ExOfficio, visit www.exofficio.com.

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