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NILIT® release the Spring/Summer 2016 Trendbook

Focusing on three sectors, Intimate Apparel, Legwear and Activewear, the NILIT® TRENDBOOK guides manufacturers in creating innovative collections with a sense of newness, a key factor that will keep the dynamics of the market moving. Get inspired and embrace the vibrancy and positivity of the Spring/Summer 2016 season with NILIT® .

Anticipating the consumers’ demands, the need for functionality combined with a strong fashion delivery influences all sectors of the market delivered through the inclusion of NILIT® specialty nylon 6.6 yarns. Lines are blurred and boundaries crossed, as a sense of uniqueness features combined with performance delivered through innovative yarns and textile techniques at all levels. A feeling of wellbeing and energetic nuances intertwine through all the trend concepts in the NILIT® TRENDBOOK for Spring/Summer 2016.

Wellbeing continues to drive the apparel market, no longer a trend but a lifestyle choice. Living in a hyper-connected society, achieving a much needed ‘time out’ concept combined with a healthy living attitude is reflected through high performance fabrics for all sectors.

Getting more from a garment is also key as consumers seek added value, whether on an aesthetic or functional level. The ongoing technical developments in the textile manufacturing sector delivers the desired fabrics and seamless applications in new-generation lightweight products without neglecting the true characteristic of previous offerings.


Color and luster converge in creating a truly vibrant and enticing trend for basic through to fancy intimate apparel applications. Inspiration allows for a subtle approach in featherweight knits in vibrant hues through to more kitsch applications with NILIT® BRITEX enhancing bold tones through luminosity. It’s about embracing and enjoying life, and what better place to start than from the foundation level.


Perfect surfaces in finer gauge knit applications feature for barely-there second skin applications delivered through the inclusion of NILIT® EVERSHEER. Comfort and performance combine with NILIT® BREEZE for cool touch applications for all day comfort through to the lighter delivery of shapewear. Gleaming surface contrast with semi-bright applications in compact structures. PRECISION ticks all the boxes of optical appeal and high functionality, taking on a strong comfort element than previously seen.


As the activewear sector continues to grow, so does the demand for high performance intimate apparel that shapes, supports and enhances the performance of the wearer. Moisture management and cool touch are achieved through the inclusion of NILIT® AQUARIUS and NILIT® BREEZE, essential elements in today’s growing market. The sporty influence also applies to softer wellbeing applications on the fashion front for intimates as clean cut and seamless applications develop.



An ethereal approach to both hosiery and socks factor in structure and color palette. Performance comes into play as lightweight support and cool touch aspects feature from NILIT® EVERSHEER and NILIT® BREEZE. Spandex covered yarns deliver the desired shaping elements in high power combined with duality as all-day comfort is achieved. Feminine and delicate in delivery, there is a barely-there feel to this trend, as high level function is discreet in its integral role.


Highly energetic in its color use, ENDEAVOR incorporates invigorating structures on the hosiery front with NILIT® COLORWISE. The anticipation of the 2016 Olympics inspires the sports socks market. High-level performance is achieved from NILIT® INNERGY and NILIT® AQUARIUS, delivering sophisticated applications from soft sports socks through to high compression socks, all with an energetic kick from the lively color offering.



Tranquility and a natural nuance inspire soft sport applications as the yoga market delivers. Diversification is key; we are changing our dress code as these garments cross through to casual ready-to-wear. Nature is a key factor, being at one with our surroundings but without losing the performance values the consumer demands. Cotton-like fabrics are further enhanced through eco conscious applications as reduced water process and eco yarns are incorporated into in the fabric process. NILIT® ECOCARE and NILIT® ARAFELLE hit the mark for this relaxed activewear sector.


With the concept of healthwear and a more balanced existence, the wellbeing movement continues to grow as consumers embrace a more active lifestyle. From the high level athlete that needs the best activewear apparel for excellence to the increasing demand for activewear for leisure time, the appeal of this trend is widespread. Fabrics move and react with the body, as base, second and outer layers get lighter in weight but deliver on the performance front with NILIT® AQUARIUS and NILIT® HEAT featuring.


Enhanced performance features in this high level sector as fabrics offer support and high levels of functionality to the wearer. Zoned compression garment s pinpoint the high level functioning yarns in anatomical styling especially through inserts and seamless garments. SPIRITED is about achieving peak performance from highly engineered fabrics and garments, allowing the sports person to attain a personal best with help from NILIT® AQUARIUS and NILIT® INNERGY. Compact, high-powered structures team with functioning mesh for complimenting function and added design detail.


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