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NILIT® presents the BodyFashion and Activewear Trends
for Fall-Winter 2013-2014

Migdal Haemek, Israel, December 5th, 2011 NILIT® today announced its new trend concepts for bodywear and active-sports wear for Fall-Winter 2013-2014 which will be presented in the NILIT® BODYFASHION TRENDBOOK.

For Fall-Winter 2013-2014, the worlds of bodywear and activewear declare fashion freedom and look forward to celebrating the spirit of individuality. Creative combination of mismatching genres interact as lingerie eclectically meets streetwear, corsets and girdles continue to influence ready-to-wear and streetwear inspires gym and fitness gear.

For this season more than ever, the essential link between the trends will be a combination of knowhow and innovation. Technical fibers will play an increasingly important role and will be skillfully engineered into bodywear and activewear to provide superb comfort, high performance and wellbeing. New standards in innovation take into account environmental concerns while maximizing the limitless possibilities offered by the new technologies.

NILIT’s® consistent leadership in cutting-edge yarn technology and innovation meets the challenge and sets the standard for nylon 6.6 yarns globally. Our unique and diverse products continue to open new creative vistas which inspire a new generation of state-of-the art products that express the latest fashion trends and are in perfect harmony with the environment.

The NILIT® trendbook defines the four bodywear and activewear trends for Fall-Winter 2013-14 and highlights the yarn innovations suited to these trends. Let the NILIT® Trendbook inspire you to create the dynamic products which will lead the fashion trends for the coming season.

“Ultra-lightness” is a key attribute for bodywear fabrics for a season in which timeless basics are revamped with an emphasis on comfort and weightlessness. Faced with today’s stressful lifestyle, everyday comfort focuses on pleasantly tactile fabrics made for relaxation and well-being. The understated style of casual luxury is enhanced by fine-gauge knits which boast fluidity, delicate softness and a powdery touch. NILIT® SUPER MICROFIBER has the finest nylon 6.6 filaments ever produced and creates fabrics with maximum lightness and an ultra-light soft handle.

Technical and alluring, Haute Couture with an emphasis on elegance, ornamentation and shine is brought up to date by the new yarn technologies. Gleaming second-skin fabrics boast varying lusters from high gloss to new generation shine and the edgy glamour of satin finishes. NILIT® Britex uniquely bright-textured yarns can be knitted with or without spandex to create fabrics with iridescence and exceptional drape. NILIT® Brillion has a smooth silky hand that provides a luxurious touch and unique lustrous appearance.

The quest continues for highly technical and innovative shapewear which incorporates style, comfort and sophisticated performance properties. NILIT® continues to meet the challenges and demands of this growing market sector whose key products must be effective and comfortable as well as glamorous and sensuous. Adopting a holistic approach to creating shapewear with inherent cosmetic properties, NILIT® INNERGY yarn revolutionizes shapewear by helping to reduce the appearance of cellulite while NILIT® EcoCare recycled yarns fuse protection and well-being while responding to the challenge of environmental concerns.

Generating action and energy, power-packed activewear is an artful combination of style, comfort and high performance. Multifunctional garments for fitness and training take centre stage. Skillfully- engineered sports garments using high-performance fibers provide breathability, compression and moisture management. NILIT® AQUARIUS yarns wick away moisture from the body and provide superb thermal protection. Compression-fit garments made from NILIT® INNERGY yarns assist in the protection & warming of muscles during physical activity.

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