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NILIT® Conference event in China

Migdal Ha’emek, Israel – June 30th, 2011 - NILIT® , a global manufacturer and leader in the production of nylon 6.6, recently conducted a major event in China in order to raise awareness of their products and to keep local manufacturers abreast of their activities. Since its establishment in 1969, NILIT® has acquired worldwide recognition as a global leader in the production of nylon 6.6 fibres for the apparel industry and engineering thermoplastics for industrial applications.

The conference which took place in Yiwu, Zhejiang province, reflected NILIT® ’s vision of offering a comprehensive service to its Chinese customers and its continuing efforts to build up strong relationships with major manufacturers in the region. The event attracted more than 200 participants which included manufacturers of hosiery and seamless bodywear and producers of covered yarn, as well as representatives of the media.

Following a festive luncheon, the event was officially opened by Mr. Rami Bitensky General Manager of NILIT® China. “Since the NILIT group was established, we have remained committed to Nylon 6.6 fully integrated from polymerization to texturing, and our state-of-the-art production sites enable us to produce innovative patented products which meet the demands of the market,” said Bitensky. He continued to say, “Our goal in NILIT China is to continue our efforts to produce the finest yarns in order for you the manufacturers to create products of excellence which incorporate both fashion and innovation. To this end, our sales and marketing teams work together tirelessly around the globe with you, in order to bring the best products to the market and provide superior customer service.”

“Only two years ago in 2009, I stood on this podium and thanked you for your orders and support which helped us to increase our DTY capacity in our site in Suzhou,” commented Bitensky. “Today I can share with you that at the beginning of April, we hosted a delegation from China in Israel for the “signing ceremony” attesting to NILIT® ’s commitment to the industry. This is reflected in an expansion project which will include the addition of spinning capacity to our site in Suzhou that will enable us to provide even better service and a wider product offering to our Chinese customers.” He concluded by saying, “Our mission is to help you to reach a bright future in harmony with us, and we look forward to may years of continued prosperous business in China.”

Mr. Kevin Hui, Southern China Sales Manager of NILIT® (Suzhou) Ltd., presented a detailed description of NILIT® ’s portfolio of specialty yarns and highlighted the specific performance attributions of each yarn.

This was followed by a presentation made by Ilana Joselowitz, well-known Israeli fashion designer and NILIT® ’s global trend consultant, which highlighted macro consumer directions and an overview of global Lingerie and Bodywear trends. “We cannot separate design from innovation and both correspond to the needs of a well-informed consumer who is price-driven yet ever more demanding in terms of fashion, performance and comfort,” commented Joselowitz. “As technical fibers play an increasingly important role, NILIT® s comprehensive product range provides an unlimited source of inspiration to create products that are one step ahead in fashion and in increased technical performance,” she added.

The conference concluded with a spectacular fashion show which was enthusiastically received by all who attended. The show featured leading seamless products from the global market place as well as concept garments created and developed in NILIT® ’s own studio, connecting the latest fashion trends and seamless technology to NILIT® ’s fibers. The mood varied from ultra-glamorous and romantic to youthful, sportive and exuberant. This clearly illustrated that seamless bodywear has transcended being a simple item of clothing, and now embraces the whole spectrum of fashion and innovation demonstrating its diversity and versatility.

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