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NILIT® presents the BodyFashion and Activewear Trends
for Fall-Winter 2012-2013

Migdal Haemek, Israel, December 16th, 2010 NILIT® today announced its new trend concepts for bodywear and active-sports wear for Fall-Winter 2012-2013 which will be presented in the NILIT® BODYFASHION TRENDBOOK.

For Fall-Winter 2012-2013, the world of bodywear and activewear celebrates the season by offering an abundance of diverse products which provide modern consumers with limitless choices with which to express their individuality. This season more than ever, we see that bodywear transcends being a simple item of clothing and embraces innovation to demonstrate its diversity and versatility: each garment we wear has “a layer of meaning.”

We can no longer separate design from innovation and both correspond to the needs of an increasingly well-informed consumer who is ever more demanding in terms of fashion, performance and comfort. The continued challenge of the bodywear market is to create products which are a skillful combination of aesthetics and innovation while providing both comfort and performance and enhancing the body.

As technical fibers play an increasingly important role, there is a demand for increased diversity, a move towards soft handles and an emphasis on lightness: Furthermore, consumers seek products which must provide a sense of well-being and are increasingly conscious of ensuring our planet’s future.

NILIT® meets the challenge and continues to be at the forefronts of cutting-edge yarn technology. Innovation is the key at NILIT® and our consistent leadership in technology and innovation sets the standard for nylon 6.6 yarns globally. NILIT® ’S unique and diverse products continue to open new creative vistas which inspire a new generation of state-of-the art products that express the latest fashion trends and are in perfect harmony with the environment.

The NILIT® trendbook defines the three bodywear and activewear trends for Fall-Winter 2012-13 and highlights the yarn innovations suited to these trends. Let the NILIT® Trendbook inspire you to create the dynamic products which will lead the fashion trends for the coming season.

Body and soul embrace the values of wellbeing, healthy living, and the serenity of a slower-paced life. Nostalgic lingerie and the homewear wardrobe revisit yesteryear’s trousseau for inspiration. Casual laid-back garments embody country romance with innocent sexy appeal. A traditional rustic look conjures up limitless combinations of natural textures inspired by nature, heritage and the land. NILIT® EcoCare recycled yarns respond to the challenge of environmental concerns and the future of the planet by fusing protection, well-being and ecology.

Shapewear is a fast-growing category both in volume and consumer relevance. Whatever their age or body shape, women want shapewear garments that truly perform without having to compromise on comfort. Above and beyond the corrective aspect, shapewear must not only be effective and comfortable but glamorous and sensuous as well. Shapes inspired by the fifties are reinvented and improved with all the benefits of new technologies and ergonomic styling. NILIT® INNERGY yarn revolutionizes shapewear by reducing the appearance of cellulite.

High-performance activewear for cross-training, running and fitness demands supportive and breathable bodywear creating a perfect synergy between functionality and design. Gym wear is energized with seamless technology which provides an unbeatable combination of comfort, versatility and performance. Moisture management is essential to keeping cool in warm conditions and warm in cold conditions. NILIT® Aquarius yarns have superb moisture-wicking properties which remain effective even after repeated washings.

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