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Marie Claire
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Marie Claire S.A.
Hosiery Division

NILIT yarns used in Marie Claire hosiery
NILIT® Innergy – used in Marie Claire shapewear, socks and control hosiery
NILIT® Arafelle – used in Marie Claire legwear

“The high quality of the NILIT yarns guarantees that MARIE CLAIRE S.A offers its customers the highest standard of quality and, at the same time, it positions us in the forefront of innovation and development of new products.”
Alberto Planell Aleman, Managing Director

About Marie Claire
MARIE CLAIRE S.A. was founded in 1907. It began as a family company dedicated to the production and commercialization of tights. Today it is a brand leader and well known in the Spanish hosiery market and it has extended its range of products to also include socks, women’s underwear, men’s underwear, women’s swimwear and pajamas for men and women. Marie Claire S.A. has more than 600 employees and a 93,000m2 industrial plant that uses the latest technology.
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For Sales and Technical Support: Sagee Aran - VP Sales

NILIT Ltd., Maurizio Levi Rd., P.O. Box 276 Ramat Gabriel, Migdal Haemek, 2310201 ISRAEL

Maurizio Levi Rd.,
P.O. Box 276, Ramat Gabriel
Migdal Haemek, 2310201 ISRAEL
Telephone: +972 4 654 4421
Fax: +972 4 6544636
Email: globalsales@nilit.com
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