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NILIT® Innergy // Performance Fibers

NILIT Innergy is polyamide (PA) 6.6 microfiber with built in FIR (far infrared ray) properties. The mineral additive found in the yarn converts the thermo energy of the human body into FIR and reflects it back to the skin tissues causing deep, gentle heating. The gentle heat emitted by the fibers invigorates and energizes the body and helps to reduce the appearance of cellulite.

Being a microfiber, NILIT Innergy has a soft feel and is easy care. It is perfect for creating shapers, hosiery and lingerie because of its cellulite appearance reduction properties and for use in any sports apparel as it relieves muscle fatigue during physical activities. It is also suitable for use in apparel applications where improved stimulation through heat would be beneficial to the wearer, including medical and flight socks, gloves, etc.

Available in Dtex count: 78/68 , 44/34, 22/10/1, 44/34/1, 78/68/1, 44/34/2, 78/68/2

NILIT INNERGY sculpt – shape your body and energize it!

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NILIT INNERGY sport – go faster, further, higher!

NILIT Specialty Yarns & Brands
NILIT's high-performance fibers enable the creation of fabrics which provide extreme resistance, optimal support and flexibility. Through moisture management and anti-bacterial protection, NILIT fibers enhance performance and endurance. Due to unique technologies inherent in the fibers, the special properties remain effective for the life span of the garment.
This family of advanced fibers makes the perfect choice for all types of fashion fabrics. In a variety of textures and lusters, eye-catching, attractive colors and innovative dyeing techniques, these fibers offer endless design possibilities. Striking the balance between fashion and comfort, NILIT fashion yarns produce a contemporary look with a fabulous feel.
NILIT has the largest portfolio of sustainable products. We are developing additional environmentally responsible products under our premium Sensil® brand—long-lasting products of outstanding quality that enhance comfort, performance, fashion, and well-being while also incorporating recycled inputs, preserving water, and eliminating waste and pollution.
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Our Licensed Brands
Cordura® fabric is a registered trademark of INVISTA and is used under license to NILIT for nylon fabric products.
Supplex® fabric is a registered trademark of INVISTA and is used under license to NILIT for nylon fabric products.
Tactel® fiber is a registered trademark of INVISTA and is used under license to NILIT for nylon fiber products.
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Maurizio Levi Rd.,
P.O. Box 276, Ramat Gabriel
Migdal Haemek, 2310201 ISRAEL
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