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Target Markets


Women’s – all levels of cut and sew intimate

apparel from bright basics to high luster fash-

ion direction appealing to all ages depending

on the level of color and shine used


Glistening and vibrant seamless intimate

apparel for women


Modern men’s intimates – even if the color

and shine just comes through from the trims

on bestselling white bases


Sleepwear - from high luster liquid-like glam

to comfort styles with a kitsch twist

Delicate touch

Coated aspects for perfect surfaces

Contrast colors and yarns

Gleaming surfaces for super shine

Colorful prints & textures contrast

for dramatic effect

Moving color formations

High gloss laquered effects

Bright and cheery tones for a feel good factor


INTIMATE APPAREL S/S 2016 Textile Trend #1

The Concept

The vibrancy of color enhanced by variable levels of luster delivers

an invigorating direction for the season. From compact structured

substrates, intense in tone that mimic a coated aspect through to

openwork structures with a diaphanous appeal that take on an intense

luminance. A mood of ‘joie de vivre’ influences this look, ranging from

a kitsch approach to more sophisticated levels of structures and shine

with the tactility of fabrics ranging from soft through to liquid-like. The

combination of color and the inclusion of bright yarns ensure this lively

and invigorating offering delivers a new buzz to the intimate apparel

scene, captivating the consumers’ attention.

Color references:

Pantone® Textile Color Guide

16-4134 TPX

18-1754 TPX

13-0535 TPX

17-3020 TPX

11-0601 TPX