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The Curators

omage is placedon the Industrial

Revolution, when the latter part

of the 19th Century saw record

changes, not just in lifestyle

but also through machinery

and decorative appeal that

have eventually led to today’s

technical revolution.

This is a very strong direction that appeals

as the Curators collect, remember and

respect design pieces of the past, with the

decorative elements of that era reworked

into lighter weight applications. A great

time of change and discovery, introducing

new and ornate engineering and arts

that would change the course of future


This is a predominantly mysterious

and deep trend for the season, but it is

important to note the dense meshes and

decorative jacquards that feature. Fabric

relief is also very angular and geometric

in delivery, allowing for varying degrees

of compression and opacity to be zoned

within garments. For women it is strong,

geometric and bold yet it has an underlying

femininity through varying levels of

transparency and detail.