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Taking an anthropological approach, the NILIT® TrendBook pursues the unique aspects that

cultural and social offshoots, both past and present, can create, resulting in idiosyncratic channels

of diversity, that make us unified yet unique. These bright and innovative hubs highlight the

unique final thought process that make us feel that we belong but at the same time adding a

strong signature on style and opinion that makes us stand out from the crowd.

Sharing information in bettering ourselves appeals, as technical aspects from different sectors

of the market compliment others. The message is clear: in order to move forward we must push

ahead with our creativity, our know-how, pursuing dreams, ideas and whims in creating value and

diversity. Anything is possible!

Fabrics for the S/S 2017 season convey emotional messages to the consumer as soft touch,

exuberant surfaces through optical aspects, enhanced fit and performance deliver added value, a

little extra plus factor from brands welcomed by the consumer. Lighterweight fabrics continue to

push through without neglecting the original performance. It is time to think positively, celebrate

our togetherness and enjoy life’s natural pleasures.

The latest textile directions featured in the NILIT® TrendBook expresses the unified belief of the

high level of performance and optical aspects from the NILIT® Specialty Yarn Portfolio. Finding

individual positions in the diverse and refreshing anthropological gangs, sets and cliques that

define the diversity on the global scene.