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in time

Capturing those ‘moments in time’ defines the

directions for the season. Time is a precious

commodity in today’s 24/7 frenetic culture of

heightened connectivity and accessibility. Making

the most of our time is key in driving the

wellbeing mega trend, which is still very

strong in all sectors. From taking time out

to utilising our time efficiently, it is now

possible to do this with today’s technology

and garment applications.

When we have time to pursue the best in activewear through to feeling

good on a daily basis from the base layer up, it is important that

our garments meet the expectations as well as intensifying the

experience. At the same time, essential pieces that have enhanced

performance increase the original function.

Sharing our information and thoughts also continues to

embrace the industry, pushing forward to a new EFFICIENCY,

from the initial fiber production to the preferred point of

sale of the consumer. This also encases the continuing

aspect of sustainability, from reduced water and energy

usage at production level through to more retailers and

brands offering their consumer what they want through

fashion combined with performance to in-store

recycling schemes.

Time is a precious