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Think pink…
The youngest group, made to look fresh, cheerful, young and carefree.
Teenage girls that want to look sexy and sweet, smart and silly, tempting but naïve.
And their mothers that want to look just like their daughters…
Ice cream sweetness, strawberry fields memories, drive-in movies and pinup girls.
The Lollipop
female blinks with spring freshness, cheerful scents of flowers and fruits.
Designs combine floral prints with gentle geometric motifs of stripes, chevrons and dots.
Nature is computerized and pixelated, washed pastels with gentle strokes of black and
white graffiti. A touch of contemporary Haute Couture combined with downtown shopping
and Daddy’s credit card.
Our color palette
for this group includes pastels in soft ice-cream shades.
We used
NILIT® Softex for this group, combined with Spandex-covered NILIT® Pastelle
or NILIT® Colorwise.