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Cool Action
is a classic sports trend, designed for those who will never skip their training routine.
Runners, cyclists, swimmers and tennis buffs will find their niche in this trend.
The designs are functional but fashionable; ergonomically designed to fit the body’s demands when practicing all
types of physical activities but still keeping a light and classic look.
The statement of the garments is clean and pleasing while the cut-lines of the designs follow the human body
structure, supporting the muscles in movement.
Cool Action is the trend for sports addicts and for those who want to look like them.
The color palette
for this trend is the primary color card; each garment is monochromatic, and the design
motifs are delicate panels of mesh or light pique textures with embossed lines designed to follow the body’s
structure, flattering the body’s curves.
We used
NILIT® Breeze as the main yarn for this group to achieve the unique cooling touch and to keep the
garments soft, light and caressing.