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TACTEL® DIABOLO FIBER – An intense, unique sheen and luster, with deep, rich colors, and a silky handle

TACTEL® SOFT BLACK FIBER – Soft spun-dyed yarnwith exceptional color fastness for a very deep blackwith

a light touch

TACTEL® STRATA FIBER - A two tone color effect in one yarn, reproducible across all shades – even

blacks and highly vibrant colors

TACTEL® MULTISOFT FIBER – A highly diverse multi-filament yarn range, with a round or trilobal cross-

section, that can produce soft and versatile surface effects from shiny bright to fully dull

TACTEL® MICRO TOUCH FIBER – Ultra-fine filaments for a soft, luxurious hand (flat or textured), with

luster ranging from extra-bright to full-dull


Qualifying yarns for TACTEL® branded fabrics are available in the following Dtex counts:

Refer to NILIT Product Catalog


The TACTEL® fiber portfolio of next-generation yarns

provides a truly versatile collection tomeet the needs

of customers that want fashion, function and fit.

Up to 20% lighter than inmost other fabrics, and

at least twice as soft, TACTEL® fibers deliver all of

the strong, easy-care benefits associatedwith high-

tech fibers, alongwith superior drape and irresistible

touch, in a variety of textures and aesthetics.

TACTEL® fiber is a registered trademark of INVISTA and is used under license by NILIT®, for nylon fiber products.

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