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NILIT is led by an experienced team committed to ethical business practices
NILIT's Board of Directors comprises highly accomplished executives from a wide range of industries and disciplines, all committed to strong corporate governance and business practices.
Michael P. Levi
Chairman of the Board
NILIT's management team brings together highly experienced executives with in-depth familiarity with our industry and markets. Their commitment to strong corporate governance and business practices sets an ethical tone from the top that serves the interests of our customers and employees.
Michael P. Levi
Nilit Group
Ilan Melamed
Nilit Plastics Division
Managing Director
Boaz Roseman
Nilit Fibers Division
Managing Director
Zvika Jakobovitz
Nilit Group
Chief Financial Officer
Yaniv Belachsen
Nilit Group
Director, Business Dev.
Yiftach Bloch
Nilit Israel
VP Operations & Site Manager
Yishai Nachmani
NILIT Fibers China
General Manager
Shay Kastoriano
NILIT Plastics China
General Manager
Bob Ferree
NILIT America
Stefano Antonini
NILIT Plastics Division
Senior VP Marketing & Business Development
Res Derendinger
NILIT Plastics Europe
VP Operations
Thomas Niethammer
NILIT Plastics Europe
VP Finance
Arno Wolf
NILIT Plastics
VP Performance Polymers
Barbara Giunta
NILIT Plastics Europe
VP Sales Southern Europe
Franz Zängerl
NILIT Plastics Europe
VP Sales Northern Europe
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