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We are committed to a safe and clean environment with zero accidents in all our operations
Environmental safety is a top priority at NILIT. We are committed to a safe and clean environment with zero accidents in all our operations.

We work toward ensuring occupational safety and hygiene for our workers, visitors and contractors through a process of effective continuous improvement. This process is implemented with the direct involvement and responsibility of managers and workers alike and includes:
  • Developing an increased awareness of safety and hygiene
  • Providing proper training
  • Confirming adherence to work procedures
  • Reporting and investigating accidents
  • Correcting non-conformances to safety policies and procedures

Compliance with NILIT's Safety and Hygiene policy and worldwide safety standards is mandatory for all NILIT employees. NILIT's policy and standards exceed all applicable local laws and regulations regarding safety and hygiene at each plant's location.
Environmental Responsibility Comes Naturally to NILIT
The environment in which we manufacture is the same environment in which we live.

As an industry leader, we take environmental responsibility seriously. We truly believe that our success is measured not just by the high quality of our products and services, but also by the methods in which we choose to bring them to market. As a result, our concern for the environment is demonstrated in every step of the manufacturing process.

Sustainability practices and improvements are ingrained in our culture. We firmly believe that this long-term outlook toward environmental sustainability has made our business stronger.

For more information about NILIT's environmental policy, please click here.
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